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Sarah (Oppenheim) Gollom Welcome to Family Ties.

Family is the lifeblood from which everything flows. This site is devoted to family history and contains interesting information on the Rosen, Lemberg and Cohen clans. After all, before you know where you are going, you have to know where you came from.

Meet the Family

Family Ties includes a collection of family photographs. It is designed to inform and enlighten.
A section on geneology has been added to trace the roots of my maternal and paternal families, as well as my wife's maternal family.

As well there are immigration records relating to the Lemberg and Rosen families, as well as interesting family tidbits.

If you happen to discover a long-lost relative through any of this information, please send an e-mail.

Items of Interest

Our grandfather's Hebrew name was David ben Yoseph. My brother's is David ben Yoseph. My father's was Yoseph ben David. My daughter's is Yosepha bat Zvi Yehuda

My mother-in-law grew up in Hamilton and knew a bit of the Rosen family. Of course her oldest sister remembers Sadie and her brother remembered Harry.
My mother-in-law remembered being upstairs in her room one day and throwing a bucket of water out the window on some kids playing outside, one of whom was Jerry Rosen.

Ben Rosen (David Rosen's brother) gravestone contains his photo.

The Rosens and the Cohens had their first contact in Hamilton, years before Jeff and Lisa would be born and eventually wed.

Minnie Rosen was born in her house in Whitby, while older brother Ben watched through the window

Michael Gollom was married twice as his first wife Sarah Oppenheim died early on. Michael and his 2 wives were deaf mutes. Michael was a tailor and the 2 women were both teachers of the deaf. Katie (Gollom) Rosen and her two sisters, Goldie and Rose, came to Canada (from England) in the early 1900's as beautiful young eligible women to avoid the stigma at the time attached to these birth defects in the parents and improve their own marriage prospects.

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